Plans to update Edinburgh high street include trees for air quality

Living on urban areas has made everyone of us a little bit uncaring towards mother nature. Forgetting about it nearly completely at times. Could you blame people? Everything we can ever need is now served to us, delivered to us, provided for us, in exchange for a little bit from our purse.

Things that we see on daily basis include deforestation and more and more urbanization. This can come back to bite us very badly. The first thing that is showing symptoms because of these man-made changes is the air we breathe on daily basis. Edinburgh is doing something fantastic though. As they have been planning for a while to update their towns high street, they now now have the plans finalized. Plans to update Edinburgh high street include trees for air quality. This is a great idea as it is beneficial for both us and nature, which again in turn is beneficial for us humans.

Edinburgh, is famous for many things, not least its highly skilled ecological surveyor options, but it is not a coincidence that more and more people are taking flights to it every year. The high street going through the makeover is the famous George Street. A place that has always been beautiful and a pleasure to walk around. This particular area of the town has a beautiful mix of Georgian buildings and modern day offices and buildings.

Now things will get even better, as this new plan will include more trees for air quality but not only. The people in charge of the whole project have revealed that the street will now include much more space for the pedestrian pavement.The aforementioned people in charge are the engineers and architects of the companies known as WYD and the famous LDA Design. Both of them giant companies as far as infrastructure goes.

On their website LDA Design have a whole article written about the plan, the changes and their inspirations on regards to the update that is about to happen on Edinburgh. On this article LDA Design representatives claim that their goal is to create an all-year-round environment, a place unique and like no other. The Georgian architecture is something not to be missed by anybody and any age group should be given the opportunity to enjoy such beauty. The goal seems to be to achieve just that.

They also claim that this project can give Edinburgh the boost it needs to go and compete with other big European metropolis like Paris, London, Bruselss etc. It is clear that they stand frustrated with this entire pollution that is being done by the cars all over the city. LDA Design refers to the current state of George Street as a place meant for cars to use for parking and not for humans, clearly they aren’t happy about it.

It seems that there will be somewhat of a solution for this problem. After the George Street takes it’s new shape, the parking system will also take a new shape. From now on “pay and display” style of parking will be moved further away from this place, thus downgrading vehicular movement on this place a whole lot.

Downgrading vehicular movement sounds really good for the air, but that isn’t all of it. The trees that will soon cover George Street will be the perfect solution to changing the gear as far as Edinburgh’s war on pollution goes.

As promising as this is, sometimes things that sound good in theory can be not so good in practise… So before we draw any conclusions let’s wait and see how effective this whole project will be!